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Thursday, March 10, 2011

What's your H.I.V. I.Q.?

We forget that there are things going
on in the universe that we can't detect...
far more than what the naked eye picks up on.

This is what HIV looks like under
the microscope. Fighting t-cells in an
average body.

Talking about HIV and AIDS
won't infect or kill you.

Not talking about it just might.

Education is power.
The virus hasn't gone away, even
though the dialogue about it has.

It might be uncomfortable to discuss
what causes the spread of the virus with
a child or partner, but having to watch
someone suffer from illness or die
is infinitely more uncomfortable.

If we can't even discuss the intricacies
and intimacies of sexual conduct,
what business do we have engaging in it?

Get the facts....
get the courage to break the silence.

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