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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Harry Houdini, master escape artist, was also born on a March 24th!

I have shared my birth day with some amazing people personally;
Twylah, Amy, Lynn, Daniel.....

William Morris, English designer and socialist, was also born on this
day. Rufus King, a framer of the U.S. Constitution, also shares the day.

It's also shared by Clyde Barrow, bank robber (Bonnie & Clyde,)
beefy Barry Horowitz (the wrestler,) diva nightmare Star Jones,
combative actor/sex symbol Steve McQueen, and outrageous
designer Bob Mackie.

My ape shit crazy older brother was born 2 days prior. Yeah. We
share that energy, folks. It's like the full moon; it ain't on the 'day of'
that crazy takes over.

Well, regardless of how many scary and inspirational people I
share the day and our wondrous primal creative energy with,
it is MY DAY! I am fabulous and celebrating my 25th year....
for the 17th time. (That's '42' for the slow ones.)

I'm like TIMEX, honey...I can take a licking and keep ON ticking.

You shoulda bet on BLACK, bitches!
ASTROLOGY (from "How Stuff Works")
March 24 Birthdays

Creative and sympathetic, the Aries born on March 24 sees their life as an expression of their deep inner creativity. Their good nature extends to everyone around them. They possess a credible simplicity that attracts enthusiastic admirers.

You should embrace: Hard choices, spiritual harmony, patience

You should avoid: Losing momentum, codependency, negative thoughts
Friends and Lovers
The gentle nature of March 24 people encourages relationships with those who are emotionally stronger. They often establish friendships with people who may serve as mentors or advisers. Love may be complicated because they need to learn from each romantic encounter, hence the tendency to lose interest in a partner once the "lesson" has been learned.
Children and Family
Because of their kind and docile personality, March 24 individuals are likely to be the one to whom other siblings come to share a confidence. They are tender, indulgent parents. Because they have difficulty enforcing rules and discipline, they may not be particularly successful in this role. What they do best is set an exemplary pattern of behavior for their youngsters.
Natural enthusiasm helps keep March 24 natives feeling emotionally energized. They are not especially active individuals and prefer to get their exercise from normal daily activity rather than a workout regimen. They should drink plenty of water and stay away from caffeine.
Career and Finances
Any creative outlet makes a worthwhile career for those born on this date. They have a natural flair for color and make excellent decorators, designers, or artists. Handling money is not their forte, but they can benefit from professional attention.
Dreams and Goals
For most March 24 natives, the concept of personal and professional goals may be an abstraction. They have a general idea of what they want to happen in their lives, but it is likely to be tempered by their wonder and enjoyment at watching events unfold.

ARIES: Temperamental, courageous, independent, leader, moody, generous,
enthusiastic, impulsive, impatient, self-indulgent, devoted, activist! (Whoops!)

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