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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Movie Gallery Closing (March 2010)

Well, Movie Gallery is finally going out of business.

I knew of this earlier this year, since the law firms
have to send out notification that anyone who is owed
money by the company can suck dirt at this point.

The writing was on the wall, though; it's really sort of
miraculous they lasted this long with the business
structure they had.

People have said "Aren't you glad?"

Hell, no, I'm not glad.
I won't be getting the money they owe me; neither will
anyone else who is owed money through their neglect,
theft, or poor business practices. Another big company
gets off free while the little people are left holding the bag.

The COO and CEO and all those folks are going home
millionaires. The consultant that ran it into the ground....
the people who made disastrous choices...they will be
well paid as always. This here affects the working poor;
the thousands of employees who will now not even have
their SLAVE WAGE Minimum (and baby we do mean
MINIMUM) Wage paycheck to keep afloat.

This is quality of life for many folks. And another
corporate decision to avoid responsibility has adversely
affected it for them.

There is also the matter that, in small rural places
like Donalsonville and Blakely, there are no alternatives
to movie rentals. Not everyone has a computer or
a credit card, both of which are necessary for
netflix (an awesome company, but with some real limits
if you're poor.)

There was little to do to keep people happy, distracted,
entertained, or occupied as it was. NOW what the hell
are they going to do?

There are no jobs available, and there won't be any
severance packages or unemployment, so....another
couple thousand folks going through depression and
financial despair. More house foreclosures. More
spiritual and emotional upset.

No, I'm not happy.

I'm not even the least bit 'satisfied' that the individuals
who screwed me are getting a taste in return. Life is
hard enough...no one needs extra horseshit.

One more piece of this town's already diminished
landscape and social scene is going. It is truly a sad day;
there for sure will be nothing to take its place.

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