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Monday, February 14, 2011

Behind the Veil

In honor of V.D., a little snippet glimpsing some
openness, honesty, and willingness regarding love
(romantic, familial, or platonic!)

"Behind the Veil"

Caring about someone means opening yourself up to hurt...
asking for drama...doing what isn't always comfortable.

It's unreliable, imbalanced, scary and uncertain....
we have to take things on faith...
learn different ways to communicate
as we see the imperfect details of another soul
(and find out, sometimes gently, sometimes harshly,
that our own universes are less than perfect, too.)

In time, we lose steam and get in a groove,
forget to have the same interest in one another,
become complacent and irritable.

Some days we have to decide again and again
to give of ourselves and let someone in.
There's always a reason to limit, to withdraw,
to take for granted.

Maintenance is harder than start-up...
newness and best efforts die off. Facades erode.

Reality sets in, familiarity begets boredom,
respect can seem perfunctory and a chore.

It's not science; it isn't perfect or fixed.
Sometimes the fit is easy, most often not.
It's not seeing ourselves mirrored back resolutely,
but finding the discordant pleasing.

It's not sunshine and rainbows,
but weathering storms and standing firm.

We waver, but we choose not to fold.
We get what we give.
If we feel unheard, are we listening?
If we feel invisible, are we looking?
If we feel unappreciated, do we give undivided attention?

These are the questions we ask
when we expand our scope to include another.

The decision isn't to be entered into--or departed from--hastily.
Learning to offset one another, not control or change, is alchemy's
greatest manifestation.

We all know loneliness and emptiness, heartache and disillusionment.
We all struggle and bleed and fall....sometimes sharing that pain
is the best way we can connect to another on the journey.

The greatest gift we give is to show our true self to another,
and remain loving as they do the same for us.

No candies, no flowers, no hearts...just a hiccup in 'business as usual'
of expectations and demands, judgments and self-centeredness.

A reminder that love, like the people generating it, is a living thing
that requires nurturing and care....if we choose to look behind the veil.


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