Let's just eliminate all the bullshit, shall we?

Friday, September 3, 2010


I am finding many valuable lessons in life
as I release my grasp on what I know and what
I imagine I know. Being open is so much more
helpful than being rigid and driven.

The cleansing fires of change have purged me
from my attachments, and given me a spiritual
'leg up' that many are not fortunate to have.
The old ways and means, old people, old beliefs,
all have fallen to the side. Only a vessel receptive to
discovering its intrinsic self remains.

When too many semblances of our old life remain,
it is easier to avoid the despair. The shift of identity
is detoured because so many falsehoods remain
in people's lives. But more and 
more folks are joining on this journey; being 
stripped of all prior markings of humanity. When 
what was believed true is gone, we either fade or fight.

We love our illusions and delusions.

Once you know there can be no trusting another,
you will learn to trust self,,,the most valuable
ally you have. Once you know you can survive without 
nice things, sufficient food, assistance, proper health, or
externals of any kind, you can then find your true
self and strength. 

Once you know there is no faith to be had in religion,
professionals, government, family, or the world, you 
pass through childish expectations and embrace reality.
Difficult as it is, it's a necessary catharsis.

Once jobs and reputation and possessions and
money and credit and friends and options seem
to have all vanished; you must find what is at the base
of YOU. You have to dig deeper than you ever had
need to before.

Rise anew.
Abilities never thought possessed or possible emerge,
and with them, our own limitless strength and passion.

A scar is a blessed thing; only the living worry
about scars. It's a reminder of what you passed through,
and survived.

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