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Friday, August 13, 2010

The More Things Change...

 (ABOVE: Dr. Laura's son, Derek, from his my space page which 
depicted child molestation, rape, torture, and other family values
before being removed. Right; their loving perfect family captured.) *

Oh, "Dr." Laura.....you crazy, hateful, nasty, common drone!

(Here's what happened, if ya don't know!)
There are some surprises about Laura Schlessinger and her
racist, nutter tirade from two days ago on her radio show:

* That anyone would think this woman has any advice worth
* That black people listen to her show in the first place since
she's known for her extreme intolerance and prejudice
* That she's still on the air or alive
* That a despicable tantrum revealing her insanity has not
been given media attention before now
* That her ridiculous apology (brought on by her PR Team,
her manager, her advertisers, her stations, and her callers)
is thought to hold water

Here's the real problem. She's a drop in the bucket...just one of
an infinite number of these right-wing evangelical conservative
nutters who wants to eliminate all things disagreed with and remake
the world over into her version of it. Or rather, the version she holds
in her head. Because she certainly doesn't practice what she preaches,
which is pretty typical for the intolerance crowd too.

Scared, smug, self-satisfied children in adults' bodies, parading
around some arm-chair moralizing and pontificating about what's
'wrong' with everyone in the world and what's 'right' with them....
only, WHOOPSIE!....they aren't really perfect  after all.....they
just desperately need for you to believe they are so they can feel
superior. Maybe it's that they really need to convince themselves.

We found out this week (SHOCK! HOLD THE PRESSES!)
that old Newt Gingrich is a big old triple  hypocrite, which of
course is no interest to his hypocritical supporters. The double
standard is invisible to them.

Laura, Newt, Rush, Mel Gibson, Ted Haggard....there is an endless
supply of people who want to make life hard for others in order
to fulfill their own dark needs or agenda. It has always been thus.
It will continue on forever. When one falls, another rises up to take
their place.

I can't celebrate the exposing of this charlatan witch doctor because
she is insignificant. She herself does not matter; perhaps that is
precisely why people like her try so hard to invent crazy horseshit to
catapult themselves into the media and make their programs popular.
"Look at me...please, look at me. Validate me. Pay attention to me."

She is representative of a larger problem issue. You can't change
hateful or crazy, but I guess the job of the rest of us is to just keep
speaking truth and countering them so that there is resistance. Maybe
someone who might otherwise be compelled to believe the insensitive
ramblings of a lunatic will be swayed not to think less of themselves,
or harm themselves. Maybe.

I have to believe there is at least that possibility.

* The significance of Dr. Laura's son having some real obvious head
issues (putting it mildly) is that she considers herself an expert on how
to do things. She has published books on how people are destroying their
kids by not raising them her way. She is a grating and critical person that
devalues everyone, yet her son turned out a sociopath and she was estranged
from her own mother for a lengthy time prior to the mother's murder. Hmm.
Clean up your side of the street...and then, if you have any time left to
be giving advice.....

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