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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Free From The Herd

Even a lemming can stand out!
Walking at the park, I spied an intriguing occurrence in the wild.
Three earthlings were grouped together walking the track. The
three amigas; we'll call them Mitzi, Bitzi, and Titzi.

Just like Donald Duck's nephews, the only distinguishing characteristic
between the three was the hue of their otherwise identical garments.
The monotonous trio shared the same hairstyle, hair color, vocal pitch,
outfits, walking style, and pace. I imagine it's fair to say they also did
not realize anyone else was sharing the track.

Although humans have become accustomed to assimilation, I
question that it's a natural condition. Seems like the punctuation of a
human spirit is the contribution our individuality makes when we commune.
Why would we have sparkle and flair if we weren't meant to share?

Nonetheless, humans seem intent on cloning, branding, matching,
and gravitating to center. We are still pack animals, and as part of our
cutthroat survivalist nature there is tendency to follow the herd. But even
in a pack an animal is fundamentally alone. An individual's gut instinct
has to be relied on to battle enemies both in and out of the group.

While trained to believe there is strength in numbers, we have truly
been trained for weakness. Ultimately, we are alone. Others cannot or
will not be there for us; it is the truth we rebel against and create much
discord over. There is no drama there; it is the way of the world. We
can rely on no other besides self.  Once we embrace that beauty as
strength, not fear, we can start to blossom.

To find out the hard way that we stand alone is terrifying and strenuous,
but pain is an excellent teacher. We may have to discover it incrementally,
one relationship at a time over the years before comprehension begins.
We are trained to seek others, to employ external comforts rather than
seek internal ones. The weakness is bred into us in this society that promotes
the illusion of community.

Faced with the explosion of rage and indignance and woundedness that our
dreams of dependability and security are dead, we are left with a choice.
We may wither and die, separated from the herd, believing the lie that we
cannot survive on our own. Or we go deep, discover our innate strength of
soul, our warrior that each person has within. We can ignite that dormant flame
when we are devastated enough to be driven to do so.

You do this when you learn what we should have been taught long ago;
You are all that you have. That is a blessing, not a curse.

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