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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Extremism...part Two

Throw it ALL out; It's the 'all-or-nothing' movement!
Absolutism is dangerous thinking in the best of times and
circumstances, but this country is in a big, hot mess right now.
Pot-stirrers are the last thing we need.

Absolutism is the insistence that there are definitive 'right'
and 'wrong' answers to complex matters, and zero shades of
compromise. And if one side presents itself as right, then by
contrast any other view is wrong. All you need to do to get
blood really pumping is toss out the whole alignment with 'God'
or country angle and you're doubly golden.

But what's behind the desire to have complicity and
strict adherence to an imagined idealized standard?

Childhood trauma and lack of development.

-Imagining a simplistic, external scapegoat for complex
problems and skirting personal responsibility is revealing
of someone who suffers from social development and
arrested development issues.

-Not seeking internal resolution, blaming others, and
seeking to control the thoughts/words/actions of other
people is representative of spiritually unadvanced

-Tantrums, manipulation, lies, cries for attention, and
victimization thinking are all signs of severe emotional

There is even a sociopathic edge to the level of
detachment that these would-be controllers possess.
I sense that most are truly so caught up in their own self
(classic grandiosity and lack of compassion) that they
don't see the ills they are causing or that there are many
layers to debates and issues. A sociopathic/child persona
only sees the world as it relates to self.

Coming to understand the level of disturbance that is
clearly behind these folks has led me not only to a new
perspective on them as individuals, but also the methods
used to counter them. You can't argue with someone who
is unwilling even to hear a point. You can't impart wisdom
or understanding to someone who imagines themselves an
infallible voice of God. You're wasting time and energy.

"Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able 
to tell the difference."- Mark Twain

We're entering an arena where folks who are uncomfortable 
with a subject or a person feel compelled to control, alter,
or eliminate the object of distress. Most people seem intent 
to control circumstances outside themselves when they can't
control what's going on within. Here are some alternate
ideas for how to go about handling discomfort that doesn't 
involve legislation, overthrowing the government, or murder.
Just in case anyone gets a wild hair.

* Allowing others the freedom to be who they are, without
the need to be dismissed, demonized, or degraded.

* Recognizing that the world does not revolve around us,
and different points of view do not undermine our security.

* Seeing all people equally, and realizing that not seeing the 
value in their viewpoint doesn't mean the person has no value.

* If you put yourself in the public eye regarding volatile matters 
and people disagree with you, you aren't being victimized.

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