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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Extremism...part One

I have watched with interest as a national trend has developed;
extremist divisions in the political, religious, and cultural arenas
(and, unfortunately, who can tell the difference between the
three, and longer?)

Xenophobia is not just reserved for other nations; it's fear of all
things 'strange' or 'foreign'! It is not exclusive to the South! It is
the bottom line behind every Fox News rating point, and a new
badge of honor. 'Relentlessness' is the new 'compassion.'

Not only are the extremists pushy and ill-tempered and in need
of a good therapist; they whine when they can't get their way.
Ann Coulter, Dr. Laura, Fox anchors, proponents of Prop 8;
they stomp their feet when THEIR attempts to actively hurt people
aren't readily accepted. Let there be no opposition to my opposition!

So what's going on!?!

It's a world of juvenile mindsets and schoolyard theatrics;
with arguments the equivalent of:
*"I never heard of that; it must be bad."
*"I disagree, therefore you are wrong."
*"It isn't my experience, so it is immoral."

Is this the result of the electronic age; no more merits required...
just how convincingly abrasive and seductively hateful you can be?

There seems a movement afoot consisting of many small and
seemingly disconnected factions like the Tea Party, neo-Nazi
party, extremist conservative candidates, anti-government groups,
and others, to mandate uniformity. They seek not only to espouse
their point of view, but to eliminate the right of anyone to oppose
them. They also employ spin and lies to sway people, and to
demonize any who would oppose them.

When did everything become so either-or? What's with all the
promotion of 'false dilemma'? The extremism? The polarization?
Are we really that bored that we need to invent chaos and conflict
in the world? Or has a desire to win at all costs caused people
to lose sight of the need for restraint and respect?

There is something to be said for the psyche of someone who
needs to fervently believe that a person with a different point of
view MUST be wrong in order to preserve the integrity of their
view. What possible threat does an opposing view present?
How wildly uncomfortable with your own beliefs do you have to
be to need to eliminate other views rather than discuss them rationally
or simply ignore them?

Oh, there I go with that crazy critical thinking and exploration of
ideas again!


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