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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Violent Natures; Why Fight It? Part 2

Treating one another abysmally is in our nature; it's DNA.
Putting a happy ribbon on our streets and buildings and calling it 'progress'
doesn't alter reality.

We have simply substituted government-sanctioned horrors for the
outright violence of the war zone.

Drug and alcohol abusers are criminalized rather than helped.

Abused children are allowed to stay in their homes while we deny homes
to needy kids because of the would-be parents' sexuality.

The prisons are filled with people who couldn't afford attorneys, were guilty
of minor crimes, and were unpopular in smaller communities. Meanwhile
the few with money and power determine the fates of the rest of us and get
away with murder.

Mankind has finally reached its goal of a self-sustained perpetual machine
of violence and inhumanity.

And those who purport to be of a heightened intellect and moral fiber are not
immune; they use the illusion of culture and sophistication and good breeding
to cover up their duplicitous natures. We have established a world where the
Emperor Has No Clothes, and so long as everyone agrees that heinous acts
are no longer heinous when 'important people' do them, the die is cast.

The well-off pleasure themselves on their slow days with the more
pedestrian pursuits of ruining others with gossip, securing unjust laws,
maintaining an unlivable wage, black-mailing, ruining marriages,
funding hate speech, employing sex trade workers, paying off
contractors, and other mundane pursuits.

Anyone that opposes the wealthy is delusional; they are simply
'hating' on self-made people.  If you pretend that corruption doesn't
exist for long enough, people will start to believe.

The middle class, that shrinking beast, strive hard to stay unnoticed
and off the radar.One wrong word and they could lose their status.
The chances of going down the ladder are far greater than going up.

The Mids also keep content with their posturing that the material
goods will buffer them from the harsh realities that await outside their
comfort zone. Video games, texting, movies, blackberries and delivered
pizza will prevent fatal attacks, disease, joblessness, unfair court
decisions, and police brutality from darkening their door.

(And they can always rely on their white bread variation of savagery;
jealousy, treachery, back-stabbing, usury, sabotage, emotional
undermining, infidelity, child beatings, pedophilia, domestic abuse, allowing
abuse to occur, employing nepotism and preferential treatment and
bias, forcing religious values in inappropriate places, condemning,
misusing positions, and other evils that have come to be warmly embraced
as part of American culture.)

If we use the misleading speech that "we have more freedom than any
other country" as our model, then everything sounds good. If we focus
on no wars running loose in the street (besides rampant drug use,
untreated mental health clients, criminal poverty levels, joblessness,
police violence, white collar crime, overstuffed prisons, etc.) then it
sounds like we have it pretty good.

Don't believe everything you hear. We want to pretend like things
are good, because it makes us sleep better at night. If we throw the
term "'God' is on our side" into every telecast, then we create
that illusion as fact, as well. (Fox News says "Fair and balanced"
all the time so they can sell themselves on the delusion.)

No matter how we cover it up or repackage it, there is a terrible
mean-spirited evil at the heart of all humans. Even children. Especially
the religious. Despite pretense. In spite of laws and experiments at
'disciplining' everyone into right thinking and acting. The violence and
horror thing is a vast part of life, in one form or another.

We have such a hard time dealing with hardships not because they're
whelming, but because we've been subjected to the convincing facade
for so long. It has weakened us, making our expectations high and our
tolerance low. When reality starts to seep in, we think we're losing our
minds...or being unfairly targeted.

Nah. Our humanity's busted. We're right on track.

You're just opening your eyes to it for the first time.
Welcome to the real world.

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