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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Violent Natures; Why Fight It? Part 1

The world has been filled with a hierarchy determined by 'might makes
right' since the dawn on humankind.

Brutality had to be face-to-face in the old days, with clubs and
spears hard to operate long distance. The Crusades taught a lot
about swords and arrows, but some proximity was still required.
Trench warfare was about as nasty as it could get for the front lines.
We thought we had shit under control with the threat of long-range
nuclear missiles in our arsenal, but violence continued in the form
of gangs, street crime, domestic abuse, wars, infractions, slaughters,
invasions, and all manner of minor and wholesale slaughter.

So much for strategy!

Even when not fully-fledged war, man's vociferous appetite for
destruction is evident in every facet of living; slavery, child abuse,
sexual abuse, batterings, rape, poverty, incarceration, torture, and
so on. There is a savagery and viciousness that seems present at
the heart of people.

When we promote a great fantasy like "civilization" and abundance
like the USA does, we like to avoid thinking about reality. That's
sort of the USA's stock in trade; fraudulent misrepresentation.
We're all about the smiles and the wiles, and avoiding scratching
that surface. "Bread and circuses," baby!

Materialism has been the push since WWII, hoping to fill the void in
our miserable existences by promoting the attainability of luxury for
every home. So long as well all play by the rules.

See, having it all (the house, the yard, the cars, the boat, the toys,
etc.) is contingent upon a few carefully maintained fronts and fictions.

First, you perfect the smile and the small talk and the illusion of
goodness and Biblically-minded community nature. Then you split
your soul in two so you can still be a deceitful bastard in private.

See, we haven't eliminated malevolence; we've streamlined it.

So long as you are above a certain income level, the right skin
color, and good at pretending, you too can be a part of the game.
You can swindle the church and invade small countries, you
can beat your wife and rape a mistress, you can sexually abuse
kids and commit fraud; so long as you pretend that you believe in
the Big J.C. and act like a saint in public. (It's a P.R. thing;
gotta look out for the share-holders!)

We call understaffed institutionalized torture and abuse "government
in action," and anyone who dares try and speak out, be different,
take necessary steps to survive, or just look the wrong way will be
buried under the jail, the hospital, the neighborhood, or the criminally
menial no-way-out job.

The new savagery is state-funded.

...to be continued...

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