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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Damn. Pray for Betty White.

With the passing of the great Rue McClanahan,
all's I know is that Betty White had better stay in
damned fine health.

Because if something happens to the sole
remaining "Golden Girl," there is going to be
a soul-hurt surging up in this country that will
bust some heads.

We 'sissies' are gonna rise up, burn it down,
show them Tea Party pussies what a protest is
all about, and make STONEWALL look like a
white girl's Sweet Sixteen.

It's going to be ON.
Shit's gonna get fierce..and not in a good way.

There will be a conflagration set forth across
this nation in communities big and small that
will encompass anger over "Don't Ask, Don't
Tell," Proposition 8, anti-gay religious nuts,
anti-gay Republicans, hypocrisy, abuse,
censorship, prejudice, intolerance, indignance,
oppression, teasing, and all manner of other
horseshit that we put up with every day.

(In addition to bills, relationship problems,
health issues, assholes at work, unemployment,
road rage, customer service agents that don't
know shit, communities that are poorly run,
bureaucrats, and car problems.)

And yes....
the loss of 4 American icons,
of special holding in the hearts of gay men,
in the form of 3 Golden Girls--
and 1 Designing Woman--
could very easily be the straw that breaks the
camel's back.

'Down' is not 'out.'
Stay strong, my brothers and sisters.

We shall rise again.

Rest in Peace, ladies....
Thanks for all your many great inspirations and

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