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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Celebrate Recovery" comes to Donalsonville Pt. 5

The 'author' of CB states in the literature that "I acknowledge use of some material from the 12 Suggested Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous." Um, yeah; when you take everything word-for-word and pirate it, as was done with the wording and intent of the entire 12 Steps, that constitutes 'use.'

Typical misdirect to act as though it was a skeletal notion that was adapted! Oh, the foul lies of the church continue. You took the exact model of the existing program, including the names "12 Steps," "recovery," and "principles," and are bending them to your own needs.

The program lays out that they "WILL:
-provide you a safe place...
-provide you with a leader who has gone through a similar hurt, hang-up, or habit....
-provide you with an accountability partner...."

The group "will NOT:
-attempt to offer professional treatment...
-allow members to 'fix' one another..."

They also promote themselves as "a safe place to share...a refuge... a place where respect is given to each member....where confidentiality is highly regarded....a place of belonging..."

It is "NOT a place for secrets....a place for therapy...a place to rescue or be rescued....a place to judge others....."

How many lives will be ruined before the secrets of the anti-gay push of the group is revealed? Doesn't that transparency count as open and honest? Is your voodoo only able to work if you sneak it up on people?

The church teaches duplicity; a smile to the face and crucify you behind your back. Judgment, condemnation, and intolerance are the cornerstones of the Baptist church.

It is sad indeed how far afield from the actual teachings of Jesus the church has gone. They are actually condemning and harming in the name of the person who carried a message of love and acceptance.
Maybe the 'good folks' at these churches ought to seek some actual healing for selves first. You can't be a vessel for Jesus while your mouth and body are working against Him.

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