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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Al and Tipper Gore split

(Being ahead of your time is lonely

Just read the news that the Gores are splitting
after 40 years of marriage.

This was a bit of an unexpected item, I suppose...
since I am not privy to their private talks or
feelings, nor do I concern myself with the
private matters of even the couples who are
known to me personally!

( Sorry, the smart-ass in me can't believe all
these messages about how 'shocked' people are!
Why would the Gores' inner workings be any of our

Folks are saying "Nothing lasts forever." Duh.

Isn't it great that some people have the sense and the
strength to move on when something is no longer
working for them, instead of staying together for
life, slowly hating and despising one another out
of some sick, cultural-induced obligation to procure
(not really) public support and admiration?

Forty years is a long ass time. I'd be happy with
40 damned minutes of mediocre, let alone 40
years of pretty damned good.

Not lasting forever doesn't make their relationship
illegitimate. It makes it real.

Political marriages are tough to start with, and who
knows what kinds of pressures and difficulties are
added to the real problems inherent in interpersonal
relationships already?

Anywho; one correction to the 'news' article I read;

Al Gore did NOT lose the 2000 election to George

He in fact WON the election...
he was elected by this nation...
the election was stolen from voters...
the country was stolen from its citizens.

Get your shit straight or stop printing your lies.

It makes me ill to know that people get paid to
write this tripe.

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