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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day...another perspective

This week I met a lady who lost her 99 year-old mother just a week ago.
This woman was fairly peaceful about the death of her Mom since the 99
year-old had seen a long and productive life, and had actually been ready
to leave. But it was still a great blow, and she was saddened by being without
her mom. She was not looking forward to today, and being alone.

If the spirit moves you, and you have the time...
remember today that in addition to the women in our lives who have been
mothers and surrogate mothers and substitute moms (who are always deserving
of our respect and appreciation!) there are those among us who have lost that
primary person and are suffering a little more today.

A phone call, an e-mail, a visit to let those folks know they are in your heart
could be a wonderful thing......whether or not they want to discuss their Moms
or just chat.

Most people I know at this point have either lost a Mom (or both parents)... or they
are dealing with a sick mother. (Or are separated by emotional conflict.)
So try and see past your own situation...realize that there are others going through
trials also. Not everyone is spending the day with a beloved family member.
Not everyone is fortunate enough to still have a mom that is with them. (And the big,
happy, laughing group outings that we may witness may not be representative of
a truly loving family, either. But what if it is? Would we really deny others blessings and
happiness just because of our despair?)

If your mother is still alive, make the effort to reconcile. If you miss a departed mom,
think back on what was (hopefully) a blessing of her existence. And take a moment
to be considerate of others who are hurting today and don't have the strength to
look beyond. We are not in this alone.....

Much love, Robert

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