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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Great Divide

Had a lot of finance-minded concepts on my mind yesterday
as I observed many different houses in my Census journey.

What makes the difference between how we live?
Are people led to act and live a certain lifestyle based on their
perspective, or does the lifestyle lead to the perspective?

Does money beget money? Or are some wealthy and well-to-do
concerned about money because they didn't come from it?

Would poor people (like me!) care about things if they had nice
things to start with? Of would they be able to maintain the condition
of things via the all purpose problem solver, money?

Money, of course, doesn't solve all problems. But let's not be
stupid; it does eliminate or cushion a great deal of them.

Although there are some health issues that can't be handled by
throwing money at them, there are infinitely more solutions when
money is not an option. Even the level of care, the amount of
trips, the kind of treatment, and the amount of assistance you
can get is affected by it.

Living space is made more bearable with money. Type of dwelling,
what it's filled with, where you live, ability to move if you need
or want to, the space you have for entertaining, and so on.

Money is freedom. Freedom to travel, eat out, have recreational
items, enjoy entertainment, surround yourself with nice things,
eat the kinds of food you want to, have people over in comfort, and
much more.

The list goes on. But the issue isn't just what money does. It's where
money comes from. Many people work hard for the things they have,
but plenty more received help from their parents or other family to
get them started. Or had privilege in some form...a leg up. Some even
cut corners or thieve and manipulate to get what they want; the ends
justify the means. As long as you're white, smiling, and don't get caught...
it's all good.

Connections make a huge difference, it seems. Who you know, where
you come from. The connections in school, community, work, church
that you make and maintain...people scratch each others backs and help
one another out. That's cool...I have benefited from this. It does feel
very foreign to me....uncomfortable.

I suppose I need to become more mercenary.
I suppose I should put pride on the side and not worry about how it gets
done so long as it gets done, and not worry over sources and circumstance
and such...but I'm just not made that way.

I have had some issues of late with the incompatibility of friends from
different economic backgrounds. It just doesn't seem possible to work out
vast financial separations. Each party is unable to comprehend the situation
or motivations of the other...there's no compatibility or relatability.

In a friendship where folks are divided by economic lifestyle differences, each
party just makes the other uncomfortable. The rich worry that 'poor' is going
to rub off, or feel compelled to say things to try and 'bridge the gap' or
promote solidarity...and the poor feel self-conscious about lacking and
feel incompetent and incomplete when observing the wild extravagances
that the rich take for granted.

It's nobody's 'fault'...it's just one of those things. People should mix with
their own kind. It's just easier. I don't want someone to feel the need to watch
what they say or pretend to be who they aren't around me...and I don't want
to feel like I can't get in and out of a vehicle because I'm afraid of dinging it.

I don't want gifts....I don't want to be treated to dinner....I don't want to be
lavished with things or shown examples of what you can do. I'm happy for
what others have....but it isn't mine, and I don't feel comfortable with being
'taken care of.'

It's unfair to both parties; you can't do things together because the dynamics
of lifestyle, outlook, and budget are incongruent. I don't want or expect someone
else to modify their life to suit me, or be cautious about bragging of all their
purchases and outings and bill troubles ...and I don't want to complain about
worrying over eviction since they can't relate and I fear it'll be interpreted
as an attempt to solicit funds. It's a no-win

(to be continued)......

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