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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Message Money

Things are (still) tough all over, and everyone seems
interested in finding a way to make even a subtle
difference for the better.

We of Georgia Unity have discovered a trend sweeping
at least the Southwest Georgia area; Message Money.
Folks are taking paper money and writing inspirational
messages on them so that they may be passed and read
by all who come in contact with the money.

"Defacing" American currency is nothing new. People have
put slogans and even ink-stamped info for tracking the
movement of particular dollars ("Where's George?")
But this seems a concentrated grass roots effort to provide
some peace and comfort to others through a really simple

It strikes me that in this day and age of information
overload, we are all more disconnected from one another
than ever. Despite being plugged in at every turn, there
are few ways of actually reaching another person, especially
strangers. And many still do not have the proliferation of
electronic media at their disposal (cel phones, computers,
pagers, blackberries, etc.)

The movement is basic, and seems more spiritual than
religious-minded, offering general positive words of
encouragement to people in times of stress. Some of the
slogans spotted were;
* Keep Hope Alive
* Love is Never Angry
* Material Things Can Be Replaced; Integrity Can't
* To Judge is to Eliminate Love
* We're All in This Together
* One Day At a Time
and 'ads' for www.beliefnet.com

All the bills have been hand-written in ink, some bills
containing multiple messages. Some local stores reported
getting paid with a fistful of different denomination bills, all
of them containing slogans. Everyone asked about the
origin of the money stated that they had received the bills
in that condition, so no source (if a single one exists) has
been found.

Such simplistic means of reaching others seem a safe bet
in such troubled times. After all, everyone from an exec
to a man on the streets has need to have money pass
through their hands. Each one is just as likely to need to hear
the words of encouragement.

Who among us has not glanced at even a dollar before
letting it slip through our fingers,
considering the ease with which it is pulled? And since
bills pass on and on between folks, think of the shelf-life
of such a possible inspiration!

You never know when someone will be on the verge of
doing something that could alter their life forever...and
the only thing standing between them and that decision is
their own despair...and a piece of dirty money with some
writing on it.

Of course, in keeping with U.S. Code Title 18, we are
certainly not advocating--nor engaging in--such practices!
But we applaud the ingenuity and bravado of such actions!
In America, you can reach everybody with a ballpoint pen
and a few bucks!

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