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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ex-Gay Ministries part 6

There could be hundred posts addressing what the
Bible and other religious tomes say regarding
homosexuality. I won't get into that debate--or the
validity of ancient texts as accurate or applicable in
the modern age. But if it interests you, check this site
for more info;

Homophobia, like racism, anti-Semitism, and all
other forms of xenophobia and intolerance, starts off
as nothing more than man's discomfort with that
which is different from what he knows. The folks doing
spin are simply getting slicker and slicker.

This is all specific to certain areas, too. Canada and
Eastern Europe aren't as hung up on this stuff. The
native peoples believed gays and lesbians to be sacred
people who were blessed from the spirits (Two spirit.)
This is an issue that plagues people who have a hang-up
on sex in general, and other people's business in

Religion has long ago detoured from being an extension
of God's love and become a controlling tool of the state
and leaders. If you would like a different perspective
from those who have spiritual views but not the same
confining ones as the more vocal majority, check out
the following;





And for more info on alternative/progressive/rationed
spiritual response to the world around us and all the
things in it--including the tiny aspect of self that is
sexuality--please check out


There are also excellent book resources like "Prayers For Bobby",
"Loving Someone Gay", and many others. You can simply do
a search for pro-gay materials at amazon.com or do a search
for Alyson books.

We have the choice and the freedom to live whatever
life we wish to. Finding the courage to live in whatever
fashion we decide is a difficult thing, but if we are willing
to stretch and ask for help, most things are possible.

Don't let others deter you from God, decide your reality,
alter your sense of self, or tell you how to feel. You are a
unique and wondrous creation, just as you are...wherever
you are on the journey to discovering what that is.

You can also reach me directly at robertsayre2@hotmail.com
if you need further assistance with resources, have questions
you want answered, or just need to vent. My openness is
my choice, but I respect others' privacy.

Much Love, Robert

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