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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Ex-Gay Ministries part 4

Our society has an imbalanced emphasis on
the importance of sexual orientation, both in
positive and negative views.

As mentioned, the idea of extremism of overt
identification (at the expense of all other aspects
of self) is both limiting and dangerous, no matter
which end of the scale you fall on.

But the Christian church's infatuation with and
condemnation of homosexuality is an unhealthy
obsession with questionable merit.

There are several motives I find present in the
proliferation of materials and organizations devoted
to eradicating homosexuality. Some basic easily
identifiable ones are;

* Homosexuality is a hot-button topic...and something
that affects everyone is some way or another, so
speaking to it gets a lot of people's interest.

* The social stigma of not supporting anti-gay
hysteria is huge and can pressure people easily into
acting as the church wants; the stigma of supporting
gays and lesbians can be a heavy one. And God forbid
someone assume your progressiveness 'mean' anything.

* Sexuality is still a shameful, dirty business in this
country thanks to the church. People are hung up about--
yet fascinated by--all things sexual.

* Everybody needs a scapegoat. According to the likes
of Pat Robertson, we gays are responsible for everything
from the 9-11 attacks to divorce to the end times. It's good
to have someone to take the place of black folks as "Public
Enemy # 1." People are always looking for someone to hate.
With the gays, everybody hates us...including many of our
own! (Just ask Charlie Crist.)

* Evangelizing. It's just another means and opening to
spreading the Gospel and proselytizing to the masses.
When the current folks die, religion won't promote itself.
Keep filling those seats.

* Money. It makes the world go round. And it certainly
is what funds ministries, TV shows, and campaigns.

I have no doubt that there are many who truly believe
themselves to be doing "God's will" and that involvement in
helping people turn away from their feelings and desires is
instrumental in making the world a better place. I marvel
at the notion that teaching a person to condemn themselves
and every waking thought is preferable to transforming the

I just see that most aversion to same-sex attraction is based
on fear. Bad old-fashioned fear. Of self, of others, of the
unknown. Of vulnerability. Of risk. But I digress...

If the energies spent on these ministries were utilized
to change the hearts and minds of the religions in the world
and assist them to become the actual reflection of the beliefs
they purportedly represent, it would be a true miracle.

See, I only know of about 5 mentions of homosexuality in
the Bible, but I know of a slew of passages where love,
compassion, tolerance, humility, acceptance, and other matters
are discussed.

Lets' not pretend like all the push on changing gays is
or has been humanitarian in nature. Many of the places
that seek to 'cure' homosexuals due so with aversion therapy,
shock treatments (yes, still) and other invasive, threatening
forms of torture and bullying. Neither this nor the loving
approach are very effective.

(Check out http://www.heartstrong.org/ for more stories on recent
events and problems in this area.)

....to be continued.....

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