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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Strings to tie around my finger.....

Just because the dog or the kids are out of control
does not mean I also need to lose control.

If the car engine catches on fire, it will do little
good if I get fired up to.

A flat tire on Christmas Eve is the same as a flat
tire on any other day of the year; no big deal.

Someone else's happiness is not occurring at the
expense of ours; there is joy sufficient to be had by all.

A parent's dismissal or disapproval is not a
condemnation of our soul; it is just another person's

The death of a loved one is not a disproportionate
heaping of abuse from the Universe; the end of life
is an aspect of life, it is not an abandonment or personal.

If the object of our affection does not reflect that affection,
it is not a reflection of any greater truth than personal
preference. It is none of our business to know why.

Everything's gonna be all right.

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