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Monday, January 11, 2010

"The 'God' Thang" miscellaney part six


Where the mind goes, matter follows.

Science and spirituality are not opposite forces; quantum physics validates most spiritual precepts (a soul has mass, energy transforms but doesn't dissipate, etc.)

When we determine that a thing is so, all else (mind, body, etc) falls in place to back up that belief. Any body's religion can work if the dogged belief is inherent enough that the body manifests whatever it wills into existence.

So, for all intents and purposes, prayer does work;

*The power of suggestion.

*The power of positive thinking.

*The power of manifest destiny.

Conversely, if you have been corrupted to believe that you are a horrible sinner who will suffer for your sinfulness, then you will suffer.

Science shows that withheld emotions and pain leads to illness and disease in the body. It's all linked. "Intention forms the universe."


All good acts fall under God's mighty presence of Love. God is not in the drama or the details of a specific road to salvation; theologians and disciples and honoraries make God giggle.

If someone is arguing about what the true path of attaining enlightenment is, then they aren't on it. There is no hassling or sweating or nit-picking in God's world; the ultimate peace will not be 'smiting' any babies or children or old African women who were isolated from the "one true way."

'Correct thinking' and 'righteousness' are fallacies of man designed to instill hubris and a false superiority in one's own choice or group. There is always truth in the world to be discovered; no one person or book or group has it.

To think otherwise is the height of audacity and ego. To suggest God's design on one's own effort is equally insane. It is not a matter of "Us Versus Them." That is the great lie.

Religion pushes man's agenda, not God's.

The purpose of religion has always been to control and de-power mankind. It has been a tool of government, the ruling class, and others who seek to control and influence the world's people and events. God's will is hardly ever sought in the hierarchy of a church.

This doesn't mean that good people do not attend or run churches. That good sermons cannot exist. That some aspect of God's Love isn't present in a congregation.

But the truth-- the genuine spirit--is eclipsed by the spectacle and ritual and distraction of man's pomp and circumstance.

Buttoned-down and emotionless sleep-inducing recitation....or high-octane fire and brimstone revival; it all boiled down to a departure from the nurturing free spirit of absolute love.

Condemning those in or outside the church? God has now left the premises.

How can faith heal? Is it absolute? Does it work every time? For every one?

We have a personal responsibility to pursue our best selves; to pursue a full life at all costs.
The path may be littered with difficulties, and each person's demons may differ in size or shape or severity.

Pain is also relative, since everyone has a different threshold and a different need from life. We cannot assume what someone's struggle has been, nor what path is best for them.

We can only encourage and support, and be attuned to the rhythm and flow of life.
We do not control events; only our responses to them....but that is the key to happiness.

Seeking oneness with the universe does not mean accepting horrible circumstances and being apathetic. Defending one's self, working towards a goal, and working hard are all reflections of love for life and God's love.

'Good' things happen...
'bad' things happen.....
it is a constant of life. There is nothing personal about it. In looking, we often find that we may actually have a hand in the level of difficulties we continue to suffer.

We can change our lives at any point by only first believing it possible.

The mind is our most powerful weapon, and it can be used for good or for ill. Our focus dictates what we do, think, and say.

If we have a message playing in our brain that tells us we are unworthy, and we listen to it without countering the message, we form an agreement with that old message.

If we have a habit of assigning blame to other people for our circumstances, then we neglect out own innate ability to transform our lives.

If we keep people at a distance by finding problems or quirks of theirs we cannot abide, we are setting ourselves up for isolation and despair.

None of these messages are real simply because they have been repeated thousands of time; but we can view them as tangible realities nonetheless. We must stop listening to the madness of the lies that separate us. This includes the doctrines of the church which make us cut away from the rest of the world based on religious differences.

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