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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"The 'God' Thang" miscellaney, part one


The idea of God's love can build bonds and cure illness....
The idea of God's disapproval can break hearts and ruin lives....
Only man dispenses the idea of God's disapproval;
God only sends out love.

God is not concerned with man's reluctance to understand and embrace true love.
God is readily available and visible at whatever time man wishes or becomes ready to see.
Man places demands on how God's love shines and when and where it 'can' exist.
God IS in all places at all times, waiting for us to connect and allow love in.

God is the essence of all higher planes of existence;
Forgiveness, mercy, blessings, love, acceptance, creativity, thinking, goodness, and more.
There is nothing in God that is angry, judgmental, petty, vengeful, demanding, cruel, abusive, flawed, threatening, egocentric, or dark. Those are all attributes of man, viewing God through man's own limited and harsh mind.

When it comes to the spirit of life and love; question what you 'know' and follow what you feel.
Intuition pushes us towards acceptance and mercy; fear blocks us from acting on it. Our scared human psyches wish to conform to the surrounding negativity of man and organized deceit of God's will. Being open to God's love, not concerning ourselves with others, is brave and bold, and takes seeking a higher calling and leaving our old selves behind.

Man wants to create God in his image but
God created man in its image. This is not a condemnation; we have grown far from what the true purpose of man is.

'Made in God's image' gives us the capacity--but not the automatic achievement--
of a live filled with mercy and tenderness. We focus on the problems, not the possibilities, and therefore wish to see God as limited and hateful so that we feel better about giving in to our natural weak tendencies to do the same. Achieving true love and enlightenment is tough, dedicated work. It is not a given.

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