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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"The 'God' Thang" miscellaney, part 5

The Creator of Life, the Great Giver, would not want its blessed children to be doubting, negative, blaming, self-deprecating, self-hating, fearful, worrisome, or isolated. All those things come from being distant from God. This most often occurs when man's erroneous idea and image of who or what God is corrupts the original intuitive understanding of God's essence.
Man does not speak for God; man's demand for uniformity and rigidity is not God's.

God is all goodness of the world, big or small, manifested. A smile, a thank you, an apology, a card, listening, assistance, friendship, attempting new things, a hug, volunteerism, donating food and clothing, giving rides, donating blood, standing tall against oppression and injustice, defending the weak, and more.

None of these things are promised or guaranteed; they are blessings of the universe at the mercy of human whim. It is only through striving to impart God through ourselves as tool or vessel that we manifest such acts.

God is also a message of hope sent in ways big and small; happy 'coincidences,' special dreams, a friend at the right moment, providence, a perfect song, a beautiful sunset, a well-timed check, a friendly face or remark, a friend warning us of our perils, a bird that flies down at the right moment, a warm remembrance of lost loved ones, a nearly missed accident, a guiding hand, the funny feeling that protects us, and much more.

'Evil' is merely a word to describe the temporary condition of man getting away from God's love, being blocked or closed to its power. We can all allow the light to be blocked at any moment in time by giving in to pettiness, hurt feelings, selfishness, abandonment, bruised ego, allowing ourselves to feel undervalued, ego, resentments, and more.

Evil is actually a judgment that serves to further distance one child of God from another. What frightens us most is the understanding that the capacity for goodness and darkness exist equally within all people; it is only circumstance that determines how we are developed.

But the greatness of the light of love is that we can change course at any point when the ability of love is made known to us. It is transformative. It in inclusive. It is possibility. No person need be separated from god.

Religion and competitive jurisdictional condemnations selectively determining which people 'are' or 'are not' worthy of god's love are products of man.
Man's ignorance, man's blasphemy, man's self importance.

Man has copyrighted religion and hijacked the word God from the good people in the world. Spirituality and love have been bastardized as horrors are committed in the name of God.

Religion is an act of darkness, devils, and demons; causing half the world to incorrectly conceive God while the other half is kept from the real creation, reviling and rejecting the false image created by the worst fears and prejudices of man.

God is connecting to higher consciousness and eliminating lower consciousness.
God is Possibility, Hope, Opportunity, Openness, Freedom, Acceptance, Love of ALL people (NO exceptions), Honesty, Willingness to change, and Life.

God is the process of life; up and down and all around. The journey, the struggle, the choosing.

God is avoiding the spiritual bankruptcy of distractions and deceptions like low self-worth, depression, giving up, suicide, mean thoughts, vendettas, prolonged grief, blame, or any thoughts that bring anger and sadness. These things occur; we must be careful not to allow them to develop into a way of life.

God's idea of man is far superior to the actual being.
Man's idea of God is far inferior to the actual being.

The best way to lose God is to build a building to house it. Religion is man's slanderous accounting of God's beauty and promise.

Most agnostics and atheists reject even the notion of God based on what humans have falsely promoted as god; they may actually be closer to the love of the world than self-professed Godly or holy people.

Organized religion is nothing more than grown children arguing over whose God is faster, smarter, more authentic, prettier, more powerful, and more blessed.

God is Love. Period.
God isn't concerned about judgment, criticism, hate, vengeful, or demanding natures. Any place those things exist, God is spurned.

Even if God were concerned with superiority; it's God's business. it isn't man's to speak or act upon.

If you believe in God, show it through actions. No one needs to know what your mythology is; what hoops they have to jump through to achieve your version of peace. Give the love of God if you have it; don't attach strings and expectations. That's not God.

Stand outside a liquor store and tell strangers and neighbors that "God loves you." That's all. That's an act of courage. It's not a condemnation. It isn't interrogating them. It isn't forcing beliefs and stringent rules and regulations; it's expressing hope and love.

The message is love. you either live it or you don't; that's the choice. Let all the rest go.

Doubting man's ability to comprehend god and doubting God are two radically different and disconnected notions.

I have known Wiccans and atheists with more concern and compassion for their fellow man than most self-proclaimed Christians; I will take the understanding of that lesson to allow growth of my mind, and accept that love is everywhere and all paths can have hope and promise. There are many ways leading in the same direction. I don't wish to be bogged down in semantics.

I refuse to apply my needs to other people. I accept them for what and where they are.

I refuse to have my notion of a supreme creation confined to mankind's limited, corrupted, insignificant interpretation

Labels are for boxes, not omnipotent beings of awesome kindness.

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