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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"The 'God' Thang" miscellaney, part 4

God is not political, nor does it require followers to be.

God is about living one's own life in the best possible way, caring for self and worrying about one's own messes. That is connecting to God.

When others hurt, we give support to them. Period. No demands of accepting our belief system; giving without concern for a return. Giving without expectation.

God is not ritual, or memorization, or demanding or criticizing. Love is a process, not procedure.
God is acceptance, not assuredness.

Letting go of precepts and stricture and rigidity is finding God.

God is the Collective Consciousness, Humanity, Goodness, and all things where love is manifest.
All things and all man are God.

God is unconcerned by titles and religious dogma or precepts or group think.

God loves a liver of life who follows their path to creativity and expression and blessings.

Whenever we act to embrace life--so long as we do not harm another--we are living God's will.

When the focus is on ourselves, choosing how we can be calm and centered, the rest of the world falls into place. We are not required to plan, determine, guide, correct, obsess over, complain about, or be distracted by what other people do.

There is no part of God in interfering with the flow of life.

To see God we must seek it, breathe it, live it, call it, build upon it, surround ourselves with it, remember it, claim it, act in it, believe in it, ask for it, work for it, rededicate ourselves to it, and manifest it.

We must be open to what we can do, not what we have done or are tempted to do that separates us from God. The past does not dictate the future. Pain is not a life sentence.

God can be a part of our lives no matter how blocked we are from understanding or accepting it due to a pattern of pain, hurt, contempt, resentment, anger, abuse, failure, dashed hopes, diminished expectations, or whatever other obstacle we can dream up.


God is not to be boxed and diminished by human comprehension. It's like trying to put a rainbow in a Ziploc; there's just no means of doing it.

Everything wonderful and magical about God is expressed in its free working in the universe. Just as we cannot posses a person or control love, when we try to restrict God, it disappears from the equation.

Motives are important. Love exists when we give it freely from a generous heart. We cannot give the illusion of love for the sake of wanting a return on our investment. If we seek acceptance while neediness and emptiness are at the heart of our struggle, we are swimming against the tide.

In surrender, we learn how to let the world be how it is, and choose to give love due to rightness.
It is a process...a journey....it takes commitment and time. It is worth the work.

Nothing in the universe that is negative is directed at us; we cannot take things personally.

The lack of love in another person is their lost nature, not a reflection of you. A rejection of your efforts is a defensive resistance; not a personal assault.

Love is a life choice; a decision not to be entered into lightly. We must think long and hard and be truly dedicated before taking on the task. We will likely feel defeated and want to give up; we must remember that God is within us, around us, and throughout all creation. It is awaiting us.

The world will respond in kind when we promote the higher principles of love and leave our human arrogance and elitism and so-called 'standards' at the door.

Everyone is welcome at the table with God. Different thoughts, different abilities, different bodies.....it is all beautiful.

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