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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"The 'God' Thang" miscellaney, part 2

How can God be a benevolent creator of life and light and hope....and still be connected to
condemnation and hurt and dismissal?
The answer is, He/She/It isn't.
Man condemns.
Man kills.
Man withholds love.
Man has ego.
Man justifies and rationalizes and criticizes.
God has bigger and better things to worry about.

We live what we believe. Belief causes thought to be manifest.
If we choose to tie in to the existing belief system of 'what God is' and 'how God thinks' then we are adopting a belief system that is flawed and harmful.

(Assuming that a book is the ordained teaching of a divine being is simply buying one more lie of man. Just because a lie has been successfully perpetrated and existed for 100s or 1000s of years does not make it legitimate. )

Religion is dominant...not necessarily correct.
Habit makes us married to the notion of a thing's legitimacy.

God is not about skin color, dogma, names, sects, level of church attendance, education level, sexuality, sex, hygiene, income level, or any other thing consuming the mind of man.

God is not identified by a male or female pronoun...
is not the property of any one religion....
is not confined within isolated, confining, limited comprehensions of man.......

God is in all places at all times, including but not limited to the Buddha, the Lord, Allah, Shiva, Enlightenment, the Universe, Mother earth, the Goddess, the Great Spirit, Yahweh, and all others. It is the best of all things.

God is manifest in all of us. ALL of us. It is goodness and hope and kindness. It is overlooking wrath, quieting fears, and giving freely. God is love. God is opening a door for another or bringing a hot coffee to a homeless person. It is keeping silent rather than criticizing and judging another.

It is speaking up for kindness and grace when others gossip. It is available to us at any time with but a decision; it works in and around and through us in every good thing we do.

Therefore we connect with God in seeing the good--or capacity for good--in others. In accepting where others are and how others are...with no strings attached.

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