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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"The 'God' Thang" Introduction

So, for almost 4 decades now I've been struggling with the concept of God.

It seems obvious, now, but the reality is that I have been struggling with the super-imposed notion of God that other people and institutions have burdened upon me.
It is with great humility that I admit my own foolishness in accepting as fact the insanity of man's interpretation of a might essence of love.

My skin still crawls at the mention of God. I feel ill when I pass churches or hear people say God's name. (Not--as the misinformed would offer--because I am without God and am a 'bad' person....but rather because the idea and name of God has been misrepresented and abused by so many wounded, confused, arrogant, vicious, judgmental, scared human beings.)

There's no small amount of frustration at having allowed myself to be bereft of ultimate love and kindness due to the bastardization of the universe's love at the hands of man.

But, being in a better place now, emotionally--mentally--physically--spiritually, I wish to sidestep blame and resentments and simply bask in what I now see as blessings.

The journey took what it took.
It is what it is.
It's all good.

I have been reevaluating a lot recently. Rather than make a sequential timeline or an involved philosophical argument for my changing heart and mind, I figured I would throw out some random understandings by which I have made peace.

It should become obvious right off that My God is a complete rejection of the archaic patriarchal hateful god of vengeance and small minds. Proceed at your own risk.

I think it's high time the rest of the world got a shot at reclaiming the name God for a loving soulful creative force of blessings; this right was stolen from us long ago.

As always, "Take what you like and leave the rest!"

I pray we can all learn to truly open our minds and our hearts to what the rest of the world has to offer.

The worst thing ever to happen to the love of the universe was for religion and man to get hold of it. If you struggle with reconciling the idea of love and beauty with the God preached by so many in the world today.....

if you feel like God is only a name most people use to promote their own ego and sense of self, having lost all connection to reality....

if you are alone and wounded and cast aside by organized religion and the horribly abusive judgment that can only come from man.....

then follow with me and take a trip. Let's see what else is out there waiting for us.

Let's not remain shackled to the limitations of our fellow misguided humans, attempting to assign the disparity of spirit man exhibits onto the divine.

I am a student of love.
I am a student of truth.
I am a student of life.

Let's explore what greatness comes from connecting and searching for what is outside of our minds.....and question the lies that have pervaded our world for so long.

.....more to follow......

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