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Saturday, January 16, 2010

"Celebrate Recovery" comes to Donalsonville Pt 3

Have you ever been to a Baptist church?

Even among the masses of thousands of different takes on God in this country, the Baptists--and in particular the Southern Baptists--are a class unto themselves. They seem to have a zest for accepting their being the most hypocritical, gossipy, back-stabbing, mean-spirited religious zealots around. So by all means, come share all your deep, innermost secrets and shames with these people!

You will notice there is NO promise or claim to ANONYMITY in this group!

In fact, the majority of the crowd on Thursday seemed to be gawkers hoping to spot them a real-life sex-addict. (Or maybe just hoping to get lucky.) Did I mention how sexually-repressed and uptight the Baptists are?

No, in fact, one young 'lady' who's a member of the church and promoter of CB, is known to run down people in town with malicious talk. She used to belong to Narcotics Anonymous and she took personal, private information divulged in that meeting and told everybody in town. So know that going into this cesspool.

And what exactly is the church's position on homosexuality? If it's simply an 'affliction' like any other 'flare-up,' then it is something to be eliminated and despised. That's the church's view, although not publicized. (Might be bad for new recruits.) That's the real life big push behind this seemingly innocuous group.

But that's the Two Faces of the church. The new PR approach is that "Well, we want to help those that are interested in giving up the homosexual lifestyle because they're hurting and lonely." Uh, yeah, brain-dead alert; people are hurting and lonely from morons preaching hellfire and brimstone and sexual repression and intolerance and disgust and dismissiveness and violent disapproval from the pulpit every single week. Your hatred--and it IS hatred--has nothing to do with Love. Nothing to do with Compassion. Nothing to do with The Bible. Nothing to do with Jesus. You're delusional and psychotic.

People can't handle being gay because their families and churches and communities turn their backs on them. Because people act ignorantly and treat poorly and discriminate and condemn.

The trumped up 'Homosexual Agenda' plays on the discomforts of poor, scared, under-educated people --and their own hang-ups about sexuality in general--and gives them the perfect Scapegoat. A new age Bogeyman.

The fear of homosexuality is the best fundraising technique that the Republicans and the church have. Of course they can't stop talking about it! Y'all think about gay sex more often than I do!

All the hungry people, homeless people, abused people, wars, earthquakes, injustice and insanity in the world, and the church uses its resources to......promote more intolerance? You do the math.

By the way, what happened to the youth pastor at this church? I mean, your little Celebrate Recovery says "No more secrets." Put your money where your mouth is; claim your own. Oh, right; if we don't talk about it, then it must not exist.

Here's a hint; most people in the church who want to 'cure' homosexuality are really looking to get their suck on. They want a fellow 'struggler' who will perform acts in secret, and then rely on said shame to keep the actions secret. This is exactly the air of shameful secrecy that creates duality and mental illness and heartache. Your intolerance creates the very problem you point to as reason for being intolerant in the first place. You manufacture stigma.

If sexual orientation is made to be a myth, then your husbands and sons and daddies are not possibly gay. Your daughters and wives are not part of something you have been brainwashed to see as a personification of evil. They are just 'confused.' Like after a night of heavy drinking! Pretend it never happened, ignore your thoughts, push down your feelings, admit nothing, and live in a dream world. Like the rest of the congregation!

If you make it something that can be 'healed' or 'cured' or extracted, then it is a temporary problem that holds a solution. It is then okay to intimidate and scold and blame people for their ideas and actions. It is easier to ignore and excuse your own. People can feel an alleviation of shame that the ideas they have felt were 'not legitimate.'
That's crazy-making.
This is what causes people to become alcoholics and drug addicts.
This is what causes murder-suicides.
This is what causes gay men to marry and then live double lives of misery and pain.
THE CHURCH, and deceptive teachings.
Not sexuality. Not feeling it. Not acting on it.

If people wanted to promote Jesus and what he stood for, so be it. I take a real offense when people degrade the name and intent of the real Jesus with smug and profane disrespect. There is nothing of acceptance and tolerance in these sad, angry, still-lost souls. Your need for 'change' has to do with wanting the world to reflect a human ideal that makes you more comfortable. Less challenged. Less afraid.

The all-encompassing love that Christ taught (regardless of your take on the historicity of the being) is absent indeed from these assemblies. The frightened and violent real tale of the church's retaliatory response to gay people is superficially masked by their whole "We really just want to show those poor souls the love of Christ!" rift. Give me a raving Fred Phelps any day. At least that lunatic bastard is up front.

more to follow....

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