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Thursday, December 31, 2009

WHIRLED NEWS: 2009 Flotsam & Jetsam

Still too many people without work.
Still not enough being done.
Still plenty of workers being screwed by Department of Labor and their companies.
Still insufficient oversight of state agencies charged with overseeing funds disbursement.
Still not enough emergency funds going to those truly in need.
Still a hugely disproportionate imbalance of riches.
Color me amazed.

"Hey, that looks cool! We're doing a GREAT job in Afghanistan! Let's stay forever!"

"Oh, wait; I didn't realize there was another side to it all! "
Bless our little monopolized media outlet nation!

Obama tried to buy off the Super-Freaks by letting their
Boy George off the hook, along with Mega-Evil Puppet
Master Cheney. Also, no condemnation for the known
infringement of detainee and prisoner rights with the
whole torture thing. Shocker!

Proposition 8 opposition grew, and calls for a repeal struggled throughout the year....
I like this guy's focus; the church should worry about the
Beatitudes ("What are they?"), not funding anti-gay initiatives.
Of course, the profit margin for the fear and hate mongering
is probably a little higher than running a soup kitchen.

Ms. Palin...cuz she nasty....

Miss Prejean....rekindling her disgust.....

Ms. Beck...fighting crocodile tears....

Ms. Wilson; "Your Momma's a liar!"
Can we get a moratorium?
Can we pass some legislation?
Rant over.
Proceed accordingly.

Really? That's the best you can do?

Racism, fear tactics, and baiting?

Yeah, Canada is really falling apart with their health care.
It's abominable.
Oh, wait; here comes some more enlightened testimony!

Are you a revolutionary? Or just revolting?
I know why these No Good Cocksuckers like Tea Parties;
they sure 'nuff like to get tea-bagged.
And just to up the ante some, lest we get sidetracked with
the general stupidity of those involved in being Chicken
Little or following the pandering right-wing talkies,
let's not forget these fascist beginnings;
hangings in Kentucky, swastikas defacing representatives'
offices in Georgia, threats of violence in town halls far and
wide, and the powder keg of insane group think just looking
for an excuse.
Kudos to you, Mr. Dick Wolf, for addressing it beforehand!

I don't really get into the Hollywood Thang, but Brittany
Murphy was just so sweet and cool! I've been enjoying
watching her career for the last 17 years, and was so
happy that she seemed to be doing so well. Her death
really saddened me, more so than someone who had lived
a long and full life. But, it serves as a reminder that we
just don't know how much longer we have. Thanks for
the memories, Brittany. Maybe I'll do a "Brady Bunch Movie",
"Little Black Book", "Clueless" viewing party tonight!

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