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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Thanksgiving Day prayer...and salvation

"Bull dick and onion is served!"
What matters the menu if it's all hard to swallow?

This week seems the perfect time to touch on this, since this week
kicks into high gear the season of trying to 'keep up with the Jones.'
Maybe it's a good time to ask yourself why you do what you do,
and whether your traditions are healthy or not. ("It's always been
this way" is not really a deductive reason for continuing a pattern.)

After determining this, is cutting your own path something you feel
confident enough to do?

If not, read on for inspiration...or at least solidarity in your heartache!
And try not to let it get you down!

"This too, shall pass!"

Other people are only too happy to tell you what's 'wrong' with you.

Especially when the only thing 'wrong' with you is that you have a leg
up on them.

People will despise you for your intellect, your success, your strength,
and anything of value. But of course, that's not how it appears. Usually,
bullshit takes the form of 'concern for your welfare.' Maybe that's
subterfuge, maybe it's denial on behalf of the oblivious. Maybe people
are really that damned stupid. Bottom line; don't buy what they're selling.

Your own family and friends benefit when you fail. They find an inner
push and joy that awakens when anyone who even appears 'together'--
in any area--takes a tumble. No one is really on your side, anyway.
When a crack in the armor appears, the people who show up don't
want to piece you back together again. No, they want to make sure
you know you weren't all that to begin with.

Sometimes the quicksand you find yourself in isn't a product of happen-
stance; your neighbor or acquaintance or colleague just casually observing
the mess from the sidelines. Often, there were insidious remarks or
insinuations that led to a particular set of troubles. A warning that could
have been given (but wasn't,) a helping hand that could have been offered
(but wasn't.)

Why do we subject ourselves to the insanity of people we have nothing
 in common with? To avoid being alone? Is it really that scary to be alone
as opposed to being miserable with people that don't respect us or our
values? Out of a misguided sense of obligation or assumed connection?
Sometimes we get stuck in a rut of spending time with people who are
in our immediate environment just out of laziness to seek out someone new.

Blood means nothing unless we assume it does. If other people don't
have the same dedications, what good is a one-sided sense of duty?

This Thursday is just another day of the week. No stress required or
desired. It's all relative (but in a good, subjectivist fashion, not the
'uncle-I-have-to-endure' kind of way.) People look at you funny
when you say you're not close to your family, as if the sole burden
of that onus is on your shoulders as a freak individual who anti-socially
shuns all things 'right' and 'good' (or whatever passes for such values
on a certain day.)

There's no possibility given to the concept of a family being filled
with undesirables who critique and bitch and judge and spew venom,
causing all with a clue to desire being away from them. Oh well.
People will assume whatever they want, and their misinterpretations
are none of my concern. Anyone who would make snap or misinformed
judgments isn't someone I'd likely want to hang out with, either.

My typical 'thanksgiving' tradition does exist. No, it does not involve
colonization, indoctrination, brutal massacres, nor spread of disease.
I have a nice meal at a Chinese restaurant, typically some wine (though,
no more!) and watch favorite movies. At some point I call all my friends
and offer support and a friendly ear as they rant over whatever
ridiculousness is transpiring at their homes. They release, enjoy the
sanctuary, and then reluctantly return to the briar patch of 'forced'

Sorry. I am responsible for no one else's happiness besides my own.
If an individual wants to be sad or discontent because any one person
is not in their presence on a specific day, that is definitely a personal
problem! Don't try and shame or guilt me into shit. Homo don't play that.

Do what you need to do.

CYA: Cover Your Ass. Just refuse to buy into the drama!

The rest will work itself out...it always does.

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