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Thursday, August 13, 2009


The problems with same-sex marriage is that it sets up the false notion that the failed experiment of heterosexual monogamy is worth promoting and following.

Why on earth would we want to pattern our lives after the ridiculously incomplete sham or modern marriage? Marriage is an institution; just like a jail or a hospital or a nuthouse. You don't really want to be there; it's just a place you find yourself sometimes.

The limited notion of the church and government promoted coupling had a need when it began. It kept delivering the population increase and tax base and future warriors needed for struggling cities and states and countries. It provided a morality standard to keep men and women occupied and their minds off politics and procedures. (Nobody has time to worry about misappropriation of funds when you're struggling to put bread on the table.)

Marriage has accomplished a LOT, and its accomplishments should be lauded!
*Sexual fear and control.
*Endless perpetual propagation of the species to an unattainable level
*Mindlessness and loss of identity for the hive command
*Money restraints on the masses

Gay Marriage as an 'issue' is one thing, pure and simple.
Boogie man.
You have to have a good villain in order to promote your own self esteem. This country has been obsessed with the sexual goings-on of other people for EVER! We can't stop thinking about it! But in true deflective fashion, we blame the 'offender.'

"Damn those queers for wanting to marry and settle down in a monogamous relationship; they're flaunting their lifestyle!"

Take your own inventory! Let's address the phony baloney notion of the "Sanctity of Marriage" as it pertains to the delusional concept of hetero-privileged unions. And the sacred respect you people have regarded the institution with.

Here are some interesting current numbers as to the reality of married and unmarried persons in the U.S.; http://www.unmarried.org/statistics.html

Those are just the statistics we KNOW about! What is openly shared!
We don't know how many adulterous affairs go undiscovered or undisclosed! Out of fear or stupidity or loyalty or carrying the party line.
We don't know how many additional men and women in traditional families abuse their kids. Or cover up the abuse. Or stay married to the abuser.

We don't know how many people are secretly miserable (long term) and are just too shy or afraid or apathetic to leave. BEING in a marriage is not an endorsement for a happy marriage. It just means you aren't divorced yet.
Take your own inventory. Let's talk for a bit about the phony baloney "Sanctity of Marriage." Bwah-ha-ha! Whoo...that's a good one! What's so great about it?
-"We hate in others what we most fear in ourselves."
-"That which we hate most in others is that which we hate most in ourselves."
(Don't know the exact author on either version of the quotes; they've been around forever.)

Back in Tampa, we had this nut job (David Caton) who was obsessed with controlling the sex lives of other people. He lived his entire life fighting to keep us gays and lesbians from having equal treatment under the law, keeping civil unions illegal, making pornography unavailable to anyone anywhere, etc.
WHY? Because he was a sex-addict FREAK who couldn't manage his own life and had to attempt to control others since his own hormones and desires were so unruly. That's the typical motivation for these people. (That's not hyperbole; that's documented, self-confessed fact from the nitwit himself. He couldn't just throw out his magazines!)
FMI http://pushingrope.blogspot.com/2006/11/david-caton-blogger-challenge-stop.html
Whenever you see someone railing against homosexuals, you can be certain they have some Liberace dressed skeletons in their closet. We are our own worst enemy. Either in denying our true feelings or in trying to impress our so-called friends in a church by selling out our own and proving what a 'good and faithful servant' we are.
Now, is EVERY person who spits venom and dedicates their life to the abolition of homosexuals a closet fag or dyke? Nah, of course not. Just a disproportionately high number. The rest are just regular lazy nuts who are avoiding OTHER areas of their lives that are unmanageable by targeting us as their scapegoats/deflective fantasies. See? All good!
But back to the main point; Meanwhile, the number of supposedly straight men who are fronting in hetero marriages remains the same. Trying to fit in. Trying to be 'normal.' Trying to win approval. (Or hiding it all together, usually while doing their nasty on the side.)

Look at Exodus International, the big "Former Gays" B.S. fest of so-called 'deprogrammed' gays and lesbians. Their founder recently 'came out' and revealed that his former position of "God cures Queers" was nonsense. All public relations fantasy to try and convince others what he was trying to convince himself of. Here's more:


Here's a great website telling just some of the truth behind the hurtful campaign of lies from the "Ex" Gay Ministries/cults.


and also


What REALLY Causes the Deterioration of a Marriage?
A Reality Check....or 'crazy talk' if you're a buffoon.
-Incompatibility (either irritation over existing problems or those that emerge)
-Money problems
-Child-raising differences
-Changes in personality/falling out of romantic love
-Physical Abuse
-Mental abuse
-Verbal abuse
-Sexual abuse

-Child abuse (yeah, news flash; MOST abuse occurs within the home)

-Murdering your spouse (a patently male-on-female crime)
-Murder/suicides (always popular with the breeders.)

Of course, I'm confident that some Biblical scholars are hard at work on delineating how these defects of personal traits are directly a result of homosexuals outside the marriage influencing these couples! Poor, poor susceptible straight people.
THE BANK ROLL (The REAL push behind the ANTI-GAY Campaigns of the last 20 years!)

Churches and church groups get funding for talking about us scary child-molesting sex-in-the-bushes fags than they do on any other rhetoric and fear front. Even abortion.
Let's talk for a second about the huge amount of money wasted on these anti-gay campaigns.

How many homeless families could have been given shelter with that money? How many hungry mouths fed?
(Instead of printing pamphlets that help lead good people to hate and kill themselves because of the propaganda in this medium.)

How about the number of mentally ill people who can't afford counseling services who could have been helped? All the full-ride hospital care and health coverage that could have been given to poor families who can't properly care for their babies or children? Oh, my bad! I forgot; the Radical Wrong only want to control you giving birth to poor babies; they aren't worried about what happens to them once they're actually here!

There are people falling 'through the cracks' every day. Good people who simply don't have the MONEY it takes to survive or thrive in a society that cares for you based on what you can afford. And what are these people dedicating their time, money, energy, and resources to? Two guys or two gals committing to one another in LOVE!?!?!?

Quit posturing and get real.

There's a false notion of 'normal.' The world religion of so-called Christianity (we're talking the extremist politicos here) have everybody racing towards an ideal and hating their life in the process. People don't even know who they are; they're just on the hamster wheel. Pretending.

Romantic love is an absurd notion. It is the essence of insanity. People are responding to lust and the surge of emotional manipulation they undergo when in the presence of another. THAT'S what marriage is. An impulsive act upon the belief that you can trap another person into prolonging that unnatural feeling of heightened senses. And it fails.
(That is to say, a government/religion-approved man/woman 'REAL' person relationship. Only those with the seal of approval exist when you aren't looking!)

*People get married because they fuck up (i.e., fuck,) wind up pregnant, and feel trapped.

*They get married because it's a financial agreement (tacit or otherwise) where one person holds the cards.

*People get married because they worry about what people will think if they don't (after reaching a 'certain' age.)

*People get married because they are worried about ending up 'alone.' (As if that's the worst case scenario.)

*People get married because they are concerned about pleasing others and meeting the demands of their parents, grandparents, church, etc.

*People get married because they feel obligated to the well being of the person they marry (at the expense of their own well being.)

*People get married because they do what everyone else does without questioning what their own needs and motives are.

*People get married because they are afraid there won't be another opportunity to do so.

*People get married because they want to receive the respect and admiration of people in their chosen profession.

*People get married to enter a country legally.

*People get married to receive breaks on taxes.

*People get married to feel like they have legitimized a relationship that was mediocre or floundering.

*People get married to feel the ecstasy of being the center of attention for a day....and getting free swag.

*People get married because we're a nation of sheep.

*People get married to refrain from being homosexual, when it is their natural disposition.
(People get married to fool others into believing they aren't homosexual.)

*People get married to get to their new spouse's existing daughters and sons.

*People get married to 'stick it' to their ex-spouses OR lovers.

*People get married to upset or go against the wishes of their parents.

*People get married to give their existing kids a new parent.

*People get married to exacerbate or kick-start maturity.

*People get married to escape the trappings of their present circumstances.

*People get married because they're weak and don't realize they can do what they want.

*People get married because they believe the bullshit lie forced down our throats in this culture, that we are a half a person, just waiting for another half-person to come and complete us.





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