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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Losing A Loved One

The following is a great poem written by a Connie Farmer. It came to me via THE LIFE CENTER newsletter, LIFELINE. (The LIFE Center of the sun coast, Inc., is a grief support and counseling center that has operated out of Tampa for the last 20 years or so. They offered me immeasurable assistance when those around me could not help me through the loss of friends and family. They have a great website, too.) http://www.lifecenteroftampa.org/

I hope that someone who is in need will find this helpful. And please pass it on to anyone you know who may be hurting. Grief is necessary to experience, but it can become a bottomless pit if we descend into it unassisted. Never be afraid to let someone you know that you care for their welfare. Better to be thought overly concerned than unconcerned.

Peace, Robert


(title unknown...by Connie Farmer)

Looking back, I remember your curious smile;
The peaceful calm, the quiet knowing,
That emanated from your eyes.
There's a strange longing in my heart
To hear the sounds you heard,
To witness the things you saw,
To experience the miracle of living between two worlds.

We shared unnameable fears, cried ceaseless tears,
And tried to comprehend the pain of leaving behind
The world you knew so well.
In the end, though, you were strong-
A wondrous strength sustained by the surety
That all is well with this world
When we are gently ushered into the beyond.

For what you so patiently taught me, I am
eternally grateful.

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