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Saturday, August 15, 2009

And When Each Day.....

And When Each Day....
by Robert Sayre

And when each day brings
trials and tribulations
harder than the previous ones,
we fall farther into the trap,
Of life, of course.

WHY, why is it so hard
to live
to love
to understand?
And those who would pretend
to be what they are not
Lose truly more than a feeling
of self-esteem
but moreover one's feelings themselves.

When thoughts are dictated through
majority rule and individuality
of thought becomes a fading thing of the past,
A shout cries out to save the people
almost without hope
almost without voice
A shout which says to those who
would forsake the true nature of their
soul to buy false camaraderie,
to have spirit and courage,
to know that it's a far better and
happier man
who improves upon his faults and
misgivings than one who denies them.

Contemplate not life, but how you can live it.
Troubled feelings and broken hearts
are better by far than those who never
love or relish in victory,
for development and growth within the
heart and soul
are better than an emotionless world.

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